EP: Stereo Off EP NY5 // Stereo Off January 2014

Hailing from New York, Stereo Off is an indie-rock band that produces a unique and engaging concoction of classic rock and electro. The band formed in 2012, developing from Sebastian’s (lead singer) solo project into a five piece with the other members being Niall (bass), Darren (drummer), Steve (guitar) and Bridget (keyboard). The band already have a number of achievements under their belt having played at various top venues across NY, such as the Knitting Factory and the Grasslands, and having appeared in music soundtracks for various short films that have even featured in film festivals around the US. This January, Stereo Off released their self-titled debut EP: a five track long mix.

©Stereo Off
The EP kicks off with ‘Photographs’ and a strong synth intro which is then merged smoothly into pulsating guitar and rhythmic drums. Their influences of 90’s indie rock bands are evident throughout and, momentarily, a subtle Strokes sound is heard. The song is a strong and catchy taster of the EP which makes for a track I could easily listen to over and over without boredom.
‘Bullet Time’ follows ‘Photographs’. The track showcases Bridget’s keys fabulously and conveys the sound of the classic new wave style with retro, resilient guitar riffs.
The third track on the EP is ‘Effectual’ and opens instantly into an upbeat 80’s rhythm with catchy lyrics. It follows the previous two tracks brilliantly; they were clearly made to be together.
Next up is the penultimate track ‘The Thrill’. Energetic keys open up the track, instantly it is obvious it is a good one. The repetitive melody and lyrics are refreshing. ‘So what’s it gonna be? You got that thrill wo-ah’ resounds enticingly throughout the song, allowing an easy sing along.
The EP takes a bow with the catchy final track ‘MI6’. With a rush of energy, the track opens with brilliant guitar and chunky bass riffs which add another dimension to the animated song. On this note, the EP finishes with an almost sudden end. There is silence following this plucky and aggressive tune, leaving you hanging and eager for more.
It is unmistakable from even one listen; this EP is a special one. I can only fault it by saying that it is a shame it is an EP not an LP, as the small amount of tracks leave you craving more. With an assembly of talented musicians, the band have nurtured a balanced and distinctive sound that combines electro and indie-rock effortlessly. The tracks flow and continue to get better and better with each listen with each track delivering its own inimitable composition. It is clear the band are going to go places and from here, the only way is up.

The EP is available for 'name your price' on the bands Bandcamp.


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