Live: Miles Kane @ Coventry Kasbah 23/03/14

Sundays are known for being chilled and monotonous but this was certainly not the case this Sunday night as Miles Kane graced the Kasbah with his presence. Returning to Coventry for the second time, Miles definitely had a reputation to live up to and faced the challenge along with his band. The musicians accompanying Miles on his 25-date European tour are Jay Sharrock on the drums (son of former Oasis and current Beady Eye drummer Chris Sharrock), Phil Anderson on bass, Ben Parsons on keys and George Moran on rhythm guitar and backing vocals.

©Lucy McCarthy

The support for the night were psychedelic-toned Anglo-Welsh band Telegram. Despite a momentary technical issue and a couple of rude utterances from the crowd, the band pulled through and performed an animated set with Miles himself watching from the balcony above. A section of the crowd insisted in chanting the chorus of ‘Inhaler’ but this only deterred the band slightly. Finally, the crowds wish was granted as Miles and the band made an entrance, with Miles himself in a smart purple suit which is no doubt a new addition to the stylish Scouser’s growing collection of suits.

‘Inhaler’ from Miles Kane’s first album ‘Colour of the Trap’ kicked off a riotous sixteen-song set with Anderson’s bass throbbing through the venue, very British guitar sounds and leaving the crowd enveloped in dry ice and strobe lights. The crowd instantly surged forward with the ferocity of the track itself which in its live, raw form was amplified throughout the room.

©Lucy McCarthy
The set never slowed as Miles and the boys moved onto ‘Counting Down the Days’ , ‘Kingcrawler’ and a brilliant selection of tracks which made sure to cover both albums and two EP’s including ‘Better Than That’, ‘Telepathy’ and my personal favourite ‘My Fantasy’. Not content with just this, Miles slipped in ‘Little Illusion Machine (Wirral Riddler)’ a track he co-wrote with Arctic Monkeys back in 2011.

Closing the main set with ‘Rearrange and ‘Come Closer’ the explosive crowd pleasers, cued a huge smile on Miles’ face as the berserk, tangled mass of bodies at the barrier sang along word for word.

Miles and the band momentarily depart the stage causing raucous chants only for Miles paired with an acoustic guitar to  quickly return a couple of minutes later for the title track of his first album ‘Colour of the Trap’. The acoustic version of the ballad was certainly powerful with hundreds of people swaying and singing along with the solitary figure on stage. Miles, communicating and bonding with the audience as usual, extended the track with the crowd singing along to the ‘la la la’s which enhanced the indulgent and open atmosphere.

The crowds momentary silence was broken as the remaining band members joined Miles and jumped into the title track from ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ with Miles Kane announcing that they were about to “Tear the fucking roof off the place” and with the help of the crowd, they succeeded. The eruptive conclusion spiked a type of wildness that sees barriers and crowds crushed and numerous people were seen enthusiastically crowd surfing, eager to reach Miles who had by then grabbed the mic in order to get closer to the crowd and lead a sing-along.

Miles Kane and his band performed an earth-shattering gig for the highly energetic and boisterous crowd which left the masses satisfied although, as expected, still eager for more. The intimacy supplied by the small venue gave an up close and personal feel, an almost private gig with one of the best performers of his generation; something valued and loved by music fans everywhere. It was truly a sensational night that won’t be forgotten.


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