Introducing: Malone Malone

Fuelled by the success stories of bands such as Peace and Swim Deep, Birmingham’s thriving ‘B-Town’ music scene is fast becoming one the UK hotspots for emerging talent.
©Malone Malone

A new addition to the collection of bands is quartet Malone Malone. Formed in September 2013, Giles, Max, Louis and Carl make up the indie/alternative band who have been doing numerous gigs around Brum and can be seen playing alongside fellow Midlands bands Lime, Babypink and Lovats whilst writing and recording fresh and brilliant tracks for 2014.
The sole track on their Soundcloud is ‘New Turn’. The songs twangy guitar, vivid lyrics and rhythmic drums paired with the melodic vocals and bass make for a piece of tight and catchy sonic architecture.

The track is available as a free download via the bands Soundcloud.

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